To create a clean, healthy and well-protected environment where biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used and help in sustaining a healthy planet.


To protect and conserve nature by restoring the landscape and securing the ecosystem. The mission is to increase awareness, motivate, and transform stakeholders towards land restoration, tree plantation and enhanced biodiversity.


Hindustan Zinc’s Zinc Eco Buddies initiative will empower people to contribute towards creating a better green world.

  • By participating in this virtual drive, that will result in an actual tree plantation.
  • Trees planted will be native species and drought tolerant in nature.
  • Promoting tree planting and be part of the nature conservation journey.
  • Participants will be acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts.

This drive is a small step in bringing together all for a noble cause of protecting the environment and securing the planet for the future, which is greener, healthier & sustainable. The earth is what we all have in common.

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“Biodiversity is a key feature of the planet earth and important for sustaining the various ecosystems on it. Integrating the need for protecting and enhancing biodiversity into the operational decision-making process is an integral part of our core philosophy. Through the Zinc Eco Buddies Plantation drive, we are expressing our gratitude towards mother earth and an effort towards conserving it for future generations.”

Kiran Agarwal

Chairman, Hindustan Zinc

“Biodiversity is one of the reasons for the existence of human civilization that helps in improving the quality of our lives. Planting trees is the simpler form of action towards giving back to mother nature and protecting the environment. Zinc Eco Buddies initiative reaffirms our commitment towards enhancing biodiversity and sustainable development by encouraging people at large to create a green, pollution free and healthy environment.”

Arun Misra

CEO & Whole-time Director, HZL

“All living beings have an intrinsic value and play a unique role in the complex web of the life cycle.
The Zinc Eco Buddies Plantation is a platform to amplify and accelerate transformative societal change to restore and protect biodiversity with just a single click. This drive is a step towards our commitment of protection and conservation of biodiversity throughout the lifecycle.”

Pradeep Singh

Head Environment & Sustainability
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